October 19, 2023

Lottielab - An easier alternative to After Effects for 2D animations and Lotties

Tired of figuring out complex animation tools like After Effects and want a much easier alternative?

Lottielab is built from the ground up to be the easiest and fastest way to create animations for websites and apps.

Here are 7 ways Lottielab makes animating easy and fun:

  1. Skip starting from scratch:

    With millions of Lottie animations and templates out there to get you started, Lottielab offers the most complete Lottie import workflow in an animation tool, and an easy way to copy your designs over from Figma as SVG, getting you as close as possible to the finish line!

  2. Design mode vs Animate mode:

    Lottielab makes switching between designing and animating your asset seamless. Simply press ‘A’ on your keyboard or use the toggle at the top of the editor.

  3. Auto-animate by default:

    Once in animate mode, drag your shape or edit any property, and boom, you’ve created your first animation in a couple of clicks. Lottielab saves you the stress of finding obscure diamond icons to set keyframes, or remembering which properties you set them for, so you can be free to be creative.

  4. Motion path and onion skin:

    Once you drag your shape/ animate its position, Lottielab gives you immediate feedback of this change and the trajectory of your shape with motion path and onion skin. You can also curve the motion path to achieve some slick movements in seconds.

  5. Easing is eas-y!:

    Easing allows you to adjust how your animation transitions between keyframes, and Lottielab provides the easiest interface for this. Simply click on the transition(s) between your keyframes or on your motion path to add some cool easing presets. PS: Custom easing is coming very soon!

  6. Keyframe thumbnails/ preview:

    Keyframe thumbnails lets you easily discover changes across your animation with a quick glance, and is an easy way to visualise how keyframes work. And if you need more precision, you can easily hide it by pressing ‘T’.

  7. Export, Hand-off and managing your files is a breeze:

    Done with your animation? Sharing your file with your team is just a step away. Click share to invite your team to collaborate or provide feedback, or export your animation to Lottie, MP4 or Gif!

There are many more features in Lottielab that really simplify the animation process, whilst keeping a high ceiling for what’s possible. Check out Lottielab.com to experience the joy of animating!

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