October 24, 2023

Lottielab to Canva - Canva now supports Lottie imports!

Amazing news! Canva now supports Lottie imports natively.

This means you can now export your Lottielab animations and import them as Lottie to Canva, for all your Canva usecases from social media posts to presentations and more.

Previously, you would have had to do this with Gifs, leading to larger file sizes, lower quality and inability to adjust elements natively in Canva such as the brand colours of your animations.

This is a major shift for Lottie, further securing it as the default industry standard format for exchanging vector animations openly across tools and platforms.

Canva joins a fast-growing list of design and no-code tools that already support Lottie import natively, including Webflow, Framer, WordPress, Meta's Origami, ProtoPie and many more.

Lottie has been the industry standard format for shipping animations to websites, apps and Operating systems like iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows for some time now, with various marketplaces out there too like Creattie, LottieFiles, Drawer Design and more.

Support across major creative tools is an exciting frontier, with many now supporting either import or export of Lottie, unlocking a world of use cases each of those tools provide.

Lottielab offers a hub (or lab 😉) with the easiest and most complete end to end workflow for importing, creating, editing, managing and exporting of Lottie animations, giving you access to a world of tools and platforms you can use your animations in.

Exciting times ahead, and welcome to Lottie Canva!